Practice Areas

Contracts Litigation

Contract disputes can often be resolved through negotiation, mediation and other non-litigious means. However, in those instances when the parties cannot come to terms, it may be necessary to resolve the matter in court. In those cases it is crucial to hire a knowledgeable and highly effective contract trial attorney.

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Criminal Law

If you have been charged with a crime, your freedom and life as you know it may be at stake. You need to enlist experienced, trustworthy legal counsel who can guide you through the complexities of the law and aggressively advocate for your interests and rights.

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Family Law

Family matters, which can be legally complex, are deeply personal and often emotionally charged. To make sound decisions about issues that can have life-long ramifications, you need support and understanding, in addition to expert counsel and aggressive representation.

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Real Estate Litigation

Costly, time-consuming, and stressful, real estate disputes leave Roanoke homeowners, contractors, lenders, and brokers desperate for swift and effective case resolutions. Stephen H. Kennedy understands the stressful nature of real estate litigation and is eager to help his clients resolve contentious legal matters in an expedited manner. He possesses a comprehensive understanding of local real estate regulations, as well as an impressive background in contract and litigation law. Clients appreciate this breadth of knowledge, as it allows him to successfully resolve seemingly hopeless real estate cases.

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